The “Aw Factor” with Halilit Toddler Musical Orchestra #Awfactor #Halilituk #AD

Edith is growing so fast and loves anything that she can play and make noise with, anytime music comes on she has a little dance. She absolutely loves music and so when we were invited to review the Halilit Toddler Musical Orchestra in exchange for an honest review we were so excited.

There are so many positive benefits for babies and children to get into playing and listening to music, they are as follows:

• It helps to improve their brainpower.

• It helps them develop social skills.

• It helps them build their confidence.

• It inspires creativity.

• It teaches them patience.

• It is a great form of expression.

• It teaches them discipline.

The Halilit Toddler Musical Orchestra consists of 5 instruments ranging from a xylophone to shakers. All of the instruments are brightly coloured and are perfect for little hands to hold. Every instrument makes a different sound and is played in a slightly different way therefore showing the child how to use different ways to move and different types of coordination. The xylophone is tuned and comes with a colour coded sheet of music which my seven year old and I have been trying to master “jingle bells” for weeks! It’s harder than it looks!!

As you can see Edith loves making music with the xylophone and enjoys trying to hit all of the bars. The box says the set is made for 12 months plus but at 10.5 months it’s perfect for Edith. One of the great things about the xylophone is the beater is able to be stored underneath it in a special clipped area so it won’t be something you lose easily.

The Drum is filled with tiny balls so can be used for so many different noises, you can shake it gently for a rain sound, bang it for a loud drum sound and shake it for a hard sound- as you can see Edith’s favourite is to shake it so loud and laugh at the same time!

The bells and shakers are perfect if you need your little one to get some energy out with minimal fuss! Edith loves to shake them and bang then together to get different sounds. The rattle roller is slightly harder to use but Edith has mastered moving it against the carpet to make the noise.

You can buy the Halilit Toddler Orchestra from John Lewis and join Lots of babies have been making the Aw Factor real with the cutest Christmas compilation of music making with the set which is just adorable!!