Relaxing with Dermalogica at Serenity Orchard House #AD

For the last 5-6 years I have seen the same beauty therapist-Sarah at Serenity Orchard House. I followed her when she moved from Bridgnorth to Worfield in Shropshire because she’s the best at what she does. I have actually never had a massage as good as what Sarah gives. I have always had issues with my back and she’s the only person to be able to ease my pain.

This is the lovely Sarah herself-

Whilst at an appointment for a back massage I was talking to Sarah about my skin care routine or actually my lack of routine- I’m not going to lie Sarah was horrified at the fact I put face cream over my eyelids and only moisturised every few nights and that was literally it. So Sarah started to explain what I should be doing she advised me of what I should do and offered me one of her new facials and body treatment in exchange for an honest review.

The facial I received was the Dermalogica Pro Power Peel. I have never had a peel before so was excited by the prospect. There are two types of facial one that is 60 minutes and includes the décolletage which retails at £75 and the 30 minutes which just solely covers the face which retails at £45.

I opted for just the face because of my age I don’t need treatment for the neck area. The treatment is amazing as it’s completely tailored to your skin and can target fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and skin pigmentation. I don’t have major issues, just a few fine lines on my forehead and darker areas around my eyes.

There are 3 steps to the peel which makes it more simple than your standard peel that is a lot of waiting for things to dry which makes the peel flow a lot more. Even better Sarah includes an extra head massage as part of the service to make it really relaxing. Sarah continually asked me if the peel was ok on my skin as it can tingle. I had very minor tingling that subsided very quickly so I wasn’t bothered at all.

I found the whole process very relaxing and I couldn’t wait to see the results. Once my facial was finished I looked in the mirror and my skin instantly felt brighter and felt amazing. Sarah gave me a aftercare kit that you had to use for 3 days and none of the other products your used to. This is included in the package.

For the next 3 days my skin became fresher, smoother and brighter. Sarah said there was a possibility of skin flaking but I didn’t have that instead my skin just got better and better. Normally I have quite dark circles under my eyes but as you can see from the picture below my skin instantly improved, the fine lines on my forehead became less visible and my skin was so soft to touch.

I was quite skeptical about peels and facials prior to this facial but it has genuinely changed my skin for the better especially as previously my make up never went on smoothly and seemed to accumulate in odd places, it now goes on so smoothly and my skin feels so much nicer.

After the treatment Sarah was also able to tell me the best products to use to continue keeping my skin in its best shape. I have been using these ever since and they have kept my skin looking smooth and soft.

Sarah is able to order products you are after and currently has the following offers (offers are one or the other not both)-

  • Buy 2 Dermalogica products and a gift set in a gorgeous little bag perfect for holidays which includes lots of little Dermalogica treats perfect for an extra treat or to try before you buy the bigger items.
  • Buy £80 worth of product and get a free gift worth £18

The next treatment I was given was the new Dermalogica body treatment that is based on Japenese Rituals, again I am absolutely useless at looking after my skin on my body and rarely do anything other than shower, in fact I have been known to be told I have Rhinoceros skin!!!

The Dermalogica Spa Body Therapy is £60 for one hour and uses the most amazing scents in the products including- orange blossom, bergamot, french rosemary, sandalwood, lavender and Chinese green tea which is especially good as a detox for the body.

You can also buy nearly all of the products used in the therapy so you can continue a bit of luxury at home, again Sarah can order these in. If your wanting Christmas gifts you can build your own bundle too which is amazing as you can stick to a budget you set.

The treatment is all over so you take off everything to your pants and are wrapped in lots of blankets and Sarah then works her magic first with a body brush to get the circulation going, followed by a gorgeous smelling conditioning wash, next and exfoliator and hydrating mask and your then wrapped for the heat to help it absorb into your body. Next it’s all removed with steamed towels and to finish you have a moisturiser and oil.

I’m not going to lie I touched my skin and it felt so soft and silky, Sarah told me to not shower for as long as I could to let everything sink in and it’s truly amazing! This would be absolutely perfect before a big night out or before a wedding or holiday as a treat and then great to keep up with elements at home with the products. The smells are truly out of this world and I don’t think I have ever felt so looked after.

Sarah not only delivers amazing service but is also such a lovely and warm person, I would recommend her to anyone and definitely will be going back for more of these treats as well as my usual massages, In fact writing this I have just booked in for next week!

To book with Sarah you can contact her on 07961 014156 or head to her Facebook or instagram.