Taking a baby to Disneyworld

When Matthew suggested we head to Disneyworld when Edith was 5 months old I thought he was insane! Yep a 9 hour flight and 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the day and jet lag?! Why wouldn’t you think he was insane?!

Do you know what… I take it all back… it was the best time to take her.

The flight was long yes… most people get bored.. but all she did was sleep and play! Not being able to crawl or walk was ideal she just sat and chilled! Watched some tv and had a play with some toys and had a few naps – the time difference certainly helps! On the way home she slept the whole way!

At just gone 5 months Edie had weaned onto 3 meals a day as she literally stopped drinking milk at 3.5 months! Not helpful! The health visitor told me to put her onto food and she loved it and thrived. As she was younger than 6 months she was on purées so my first worry was what I was going to do about food.

We flew with Virgin Atlantic and they supplied Ella’s kitchen pouches for her and gave us the surplus for when we arrived. We took enough food for about 3-4 days of our holiday, we could have taken enough for the whole time but obviously it takes up room in the suitcase so instead we got Uber Car seat (yep these are genius Uber Taxis with car seats in ready for your little one!!) and off we went to Target! If you haven’t been to Target but you have been to America you need to go it’s amazing!!! Imagine Asda crossed with Whole foods crossed with Boots crossed with Curry’s! You get the picture they have everything you could dream of!

The next thing I was worried about was the heat- we used a Baby Jogger City Mini pushchair and with the hood down she was completely covered, light clothing or just a vest and all was perfect the only day she got too hot was our wedding day when she had to wear a bridesmaid dress! Which was only for an hour thankfully!

Lastly what the best thing about taking Edith to Disneyworld at 5 months was the fact she was entertained but wasn’t fussed about queues or anything because she couldn’t walk or crawl and was just happy to be carried or pushed in the pushchair! Matt keeps saying when can we go again but the thought of her now moving fills me with dread and I just couldn’t do it!!! Have you been to Disney with your little ones- how old were they??