Designafriend Dolls- the perfect companion for little ladies

I have always said Erin is one of those girls who rolls around in mud and climbs trees but would prefer to do it with a princess dress and tiara! I wasn’t sure she would be a girl who liked dolls but she actually loves them. She especially loves dolls with accessories that she can change around.

When we were asked to review the Chad Valley Designafriend dolls we jumped at the chance. We were lucky enough to be sent Keira from the new range that launched on 27th January exclusively to Argos. We also received an additional outfit set.

The dolls and accessories come in a beautiful Designafriends box with gorgeous tissue paper which gives them a feeling of being really high quality and worth much more than the price tag.

Keira retails at £19.99. She is 18inches tall with a luscious brown bob, denim skirt, pink cold shoulder top and pink sparkly shoes. Keira is suitable for children aged 3 and above.

You can buy lots of other dolls with different hairstyles and outfits. There are also many additional extras for the Designafriends dolls including fashion accessories, furniture and alternative outfits.

We loved the second outfit we received- a special outfit for when Keira heads to the studio. A pink striped top, denim dress and sliders. The secondary outfit retails for £9.99.

One of the things that I found was really unique about the dolls and additional products that the doll came with a charm bracelet and the accessories include a charm. Erin & I loved this as it was perfect for her little wrists and was a great first piece of jewellery for her. You can collect different charms and fill the bracelet with the different outfits. All the charms correlate to what outfit they are; because we had the studio clothes we got a paint charm.

The final verdict from Erin is = ‘Keira is my new favourite doll, I love her clothes and that you can change them. I also really love brushing her hair as I wish my hair could be the same as hers.’

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