Snuza Hero- The saviour at bedtime #AD

A few years prior to Erin being born I knew about three children who died of ‘Cot Death’. It was pretty horrendous and I couldn’t even start to imagine how the parents felt. This made me super paranoid when Erin was born and I did everything the ‘ right’ way to combat Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

When Edith was born 5 weeks ago I was still as cautious. I will still only use sleeping bags to take away the risk of suffocation, there isn’t anything in her cot, she has a dummy which assists with teaching her to breathe through both airways and we have an Video monitor for when she is in her Cot but I needed a solution for when she was next to me in her bedside crib and on holiday when I couldn’t take items like that away with me.

That’s where the Snuza Hero came to the rescue, which we were luckily sent in exchange for an honest review.

This amazing small piece of kit can put your mind at ease instantly from the day baby is born.

The way it works is a wearable device that detaches to a babies nappy and monitors your baby’s breathing. The device ensures it picks up even the slightest of baby’s breaths and will alert if breathing is weak or less than eight breaths a minute. If nothing has been detected for 15 seconds the Snuza will Vibrate in an effort to rouse baby enough to kick start breathing. If no breathing has been detected after the vibrate a loud audible alarm will go off to alert you to the situation.

The benefit of the Snuza is you can use it anywhere you go as it is battery powered so no need for cables. It can be used in a crib or Moses basket as well as they get older in a bed but unfortunately you are not able to use the Snuza for co sleeping or bed sharing.

The device is small, able to fit snugly onto even tiny babies nappies. It has a soft silicone end which is soft on babies skin and clips easily onto all nappies.

Snuza Hero has won 12 awards and is the worlds first medically certified baby breathing monitor- it is also available in 62 countries worldwide. You can buy Snuza Hero from Argos.