Summer, Parties and BBQ Foods!

Summer- The season of BBQ’s. Not only have we taken this as have as many BBQ’s as possible but we have also thrown in family parties too.

My partner Matt is a huge foodie, he loves food, cooking and buying the ingredients. I am a bit useless with food to be honest. I don’t have a huge interest in making food and I hate buying it. So I leave this to Matt.

When I was offered to review the selection of items from Opies, Linghams and Barry Norman. I thought this was my time to get more involved with the food and BBQ’s and ignite my love of food- I definitely have a love of eating it, so should take more of interest in what I am eating.

Opies has been family owned since 1880 and they produce a fantastic range of high quality products. We were sent;  

Cocktail Gherkins: Opies gherkins are hand-picked and delicately steeped in vinegar to preserve the crunchiness.Widely available from Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. RRP £0.89 227g. These were perfect for topping off our burgers and making them extra delicious!

Cocktail Onions Available from Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. RRP £0.89 227g.- We used these in our salad which gave it an excellent added crunch!

Organic Capers. Available from Morrisons, Waitrose and Ocado £2.39. Matt loves capers, so we had a charcuterie board at one of our dinner parties and these were ideal for this.

Cocktail Cherries 225g RRP £1.49- I added these to our cocktails and mocktail’s for the kids! They ended up eating more of the cherries than there were for decoration!!  

Black Cherries with Kirsch Available from Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado RRP £3.99 390g- I used these to top my cheesecake to make it less boring as I only really like the flavour of vanilla cheesecakes but these really jazzed it up.

Stem Ginger in Syrup Available from Tesco and Asda. Crystallised Ginger Available from Tesco.  £2.35- I haven’t yet used these but I plan to make a few cocktails with the syrup and a delicious ginger bread!

You can see the Range of Opies Foods here;

Linghams have been making chilli sauce since 1908 during the British Colonial era. It proves they must be pretty good at it. The Chilli man in our house is Matthew he eats it with EVERYTHING!!! Even roast dinners!!!! He loves the Chilli sauce and it has become a new staple in our house. It is available from Morrisons, Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose and Ocado RRP from £1.65 280ml

Barry Norman Pickled Onions: Now this is Matts dream- pickled onions with a twist. He loved them. He actually said ‘These are the best picked onions I have ever eaten!!’ Unfortunately, these didn’t make it to our BBQ’s as Matt had eaten them all before it commenced!!  They are available from Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado 560g £2.40