#AD Chill out this summer with Chill Factor

If your kids are anything like mine then where ever you go and there is the option of “slushy” they jump at the chance! And if I am honest if there’s a frozen cocktail on offer I will always go for it! As the sun starts appearing a great way to keep the whole family cool but also have fun is the new Chillfactor Neon Cups!

The new cups come in 3 funky neon styles to collect- pink, green and blue.
The process is so easy in under 3 mins start to finish you are done!! No ice, no blenders, no mess! So easy to use, all you have to do is put in the freezer (overnight for best results) wait for it to freeze then add your preferred chilled drink and squeeze! It was so easy even Edith managed to do hers on her own! There is even a straw included with the cup so no transferring unless you want to!

The Slushy Maker is reusable. Simply wash in warm soapy water after each use, re freeze and its ready for you to make your next slushy
How to video:

Mixed fruit Slushy and Cocktail recipe-

First freeze your cups for a minimum of 6 hours but ideally overnight for best results

Next you need to choose your fruit juices of choice- ours were pineapple juice, orange juice and mango juice.

When you have filled your cups time to get squeezing!! As you can see it’s fun to do too!!

Now the girls treated me too! And we made cocktails! They had non alcoholic with a bit of Grenadine to make it fancy and taste sweet and I put in a flavoured vodka into mine!

Next your slushy is done! You can choose to drink it out of the cup it’s made in or you can decant it if your feeling fancy! Both of the girls tried both options! And I tried the one with vodka and can confirm they were all delicious! Perfect for a summers day!

As you can see these are perfect for all the family! We have enjoyed experimenting with lots of flavours! And found you can even do it with lemonade and make a Vimto inspired one! you can purchase these now from Smyths Toy store!