The diet goes out the window when its #NationalChocolateWeek

Chocolate… one of those items that whenever you are on a diet you can’t help but crave! I am currently on slimming world and always try and fine low Syn chocolate- today this has gone out of the window!

Thomas J Fudge‘s is a gorgeous bakery in the beautiful Dorset countryside and opened in 1916, a stunning little family run business which has been running 90 years. I have been lucky enough to be sent some delectable florentines for #Nationalchocolateweek.

The milk chocolate florentines retail at £3.50 for a pack and are beautiful little rounds of crunchy nuts, creamy milk chocolate, tangy dried fruit and caramel. The only problem is what should you have with a florentine for #nationalchocolateweek?! CHOCOLATE!!! I was challenged to make a ‘Death by Chocolate’ dipping sauce to accompany the stunningly tasty florentines. This challenge itself made me think about how foods go together and could i get the mix of savoury and sweet down to a tee!?

My first thoughts were chilli and salt like some flavoured crisps i had tasted previously. I thought it was a great combination for the crisps and think it would go excellently with chocolate. I managed to get a chilli and salt grinder and some chilli oil in my local Tesco and set to work trying out the tastes! i thought if i put a little in at a time i could always add more until i got the perfect concoction. I used Dark chocolate with a high cocoa percentage to mix with it. I had been given some chocolate with the florentines  but i wanted to save that for naughty nibbles throughout the week! and my word they were naughty as it tasted so good that i ate loads! whoops! sorry Slimming world!

Anyway i managed to get the perfect concoction and handed a florentine dipped in the mixture to my partner! he loved it! I loved them too! the mix of the milk and dark chocolate, the salt, chilli and caramel was a taste sensation! i would definately be purchasing the florentines again as we are frequent visitors to Dorset we may even have to head to the bakery! All in all #Nationalchocolateweek has been one to remember! let’s hope the scales say the same on Monday!