Do you Love the sales?

Shopping. It’s a ball ache. I used to wander around shops in the sales thinking I was some form of it girl buying whatever I pleased.

Now I go into Primark once a year when I need something!! (Matt on the other hand is amazing and will go and buy me lovely things from Joules if he goes in for himself or Erin). Since Erin was born I buy her all the beautiful clothes and spend a fortune on her wardrobe. I still have things in my wardrobe from when I was 16… yep they are THAT old!!! It’s actually a fairly tragic state of affairs!

That’s where Love the sales comes in. As I never have time or the energy to go out and hunt out bargains this site has become my saviour.
The site is a aggregate of 700 top retailers and has all of their sales in one place. I can choose the size, the brands, what item I’m after and it brings all the websites up in front of me. I have literally saved hours rather than trawling through several websites.

As you know being huge fans of Joules, this is my go to shop for both Erin and I. So I choose two items from the site- they were gifted in return for this review. My new Joules bikini- please excuse the wobbles!! you can buy both here;

And I also picked this dress-

The process was so simple and easy to use! They even cover beauty, electrical’s and

There’s not much else I could need from a website- it saves time and is perfect for us as a family. I love it!