Soft Surfaces- Playground problems!

A garden when you have a child is a minefield between trying to get the balance between kid friendly and nice to look at and sit in as an adult.

We are quite lucky as we have two areas to our garden as it goes around the side of our house. Only problem is that the side that goes around the house has slabs. It’s perfect for hiding Erin’s toys but not as safe as I would like it to be, if she falls over or jumps off the trampoline!

As we are extending this side area by moving our fence and gate to where our garage is I have been trying to think of ways to make it more child friendly. That’s when It became more of an issue as there are slides and swings etc. that we want to have around the side. I am doubling the amount of area Erin can get hurt on.

I have looked into many things to put on the floor and ideally I really wanted something that wasn’t just going to be a layer over the top of the concrete. Instead I wanted more of a soft surface like they have at parks.

This got me thinking and I found Soft Surfaces. They use rubber surfacing to ensure that children stay safe when they are playing. The bonus is they also come in fab bright colours!

Soft Surfaces have the best guaranteed prices and offer free no obligation quotes too. They not only supply playgrounds but also driveways and paving! As it is important to maintain your driveway too! They are ideal for all Just what I need when we finally extend the area!

This post was in collaboration with Soft Surfaces.