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Should you tell your baby they were IVF?

A question I am asked a lot is would I tell Erin she was IVF?

Well of course I will, i hate the fact that IVF is seen as a sordid secret by older generations. It doesn’t make Erin any different. In fact it makes her more special.

I have had people ask me if I will tell her and visibly frown when I have said of course I will.

It’s not like I’m sat there telling her I never wanted her. In fact I am telling her that I wanted her so badly that I went through the hellish process that is IVF to get her.

Stigma’s shouldn’t exist and most of the time they become apparent from people who know absolutely nothing about whatever subject they are judging every man and his dog for. I hate judgemental people, I used to be one. Recently I have tried to become more of a thinker and look at the bigger picture. Not everything is always what it seems.

I don’t think telling your child they are part of fertility treatment or even adopted. It doesn’t mean you love them any differently and they are exactly the same as any other child. Parents and love. I don’t think it matters where you are from or what happened to get you into this world as long as you are loved it’s all that matters.

Out of all the people Erin is loved. More than she will ever know. Of course she will know that she is IVF but it just means she’s that bit more special.

Should you tell your baby they were IVF?