Strolling Around Dubai! With Chicco Oh La La! #AD

We were gifted the Chicco Oh La La stroller in exchange for an honest review so we tested it around Dubai.

I love my pushchair that I bought when Edith was born but it is massive. It’s doesn’t fold into one and would be horrendous to try and juggle around an airport with cases.

That’s where the Chicco Oh La La comes into its own. As a holiday stroller it’s fantastic. I have loved test driving it around our family holiday to Dubai. It’s been one of the best things we have bought, if you want to check out some other great things we have bought head to Newborn Essentials.

The Stroller

The stroller came in a box in pieces and took less than 5 minutes to put together and you are able to do it without the instructions- I checked over the instructions to make sure I had done it correctly to make sure Edith was safe.

Chicco Oh La La Stroller Instructions

The features I love about the stroller are:

  • Extendable hood perfect for sunny days.
  • Ultra lightweight 3.8Kg so light you can pick it up with one finger.
  • One handed easy fold.
  • Suitable from birth
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • 5 point harness with padded shoulders and crotch harness.
  • Stand alone stroller when folded
  • Comfortable foam handle
  • Easy to push- can be done with one hand.
  • Reclines so perfect for naps
  • Large storage bucket
  • Comes with rain cover

Edith was 3.5 months old when we went to Dubai so I needed the perfect stroller to enable her to be comfy in the day, at the airport and when we eat.

Chicco Oh La La Stroller Recline

The Chicco Oh La La definitely ticks all these Boxes, with its wipe clean padded seat unit, Edith slept peacefully at night and in the day. The straps are easy to use and don’t take a degree to work out which I have seen strollers with before!

Chicco Oh La La Stroller

I really love the extendable hood on the pushchair as it’s perfect from shielding Edith from the hot sun, whilst ensuring there is still air circulating the stroller.

Extendable hood on Chicco Oh La La Stroller

Another great plus about this stroller is how light it is. It’s so light even Erin can carry it, it folds so small and stands alone once folded.

Chicco Oh La La Stroller Folded

The pushchair has a large basket perfect for carrying additional items to and from the pool or beach and the pushchair includes a rain cover just incase you get caught in an unexpected down pour.

Chicco Oh La La Stroller

Chicco Oh La la Stroller

Our opinion-

The Chicco Oh La La stroller is a great stroller which retails at £80 which is a bargain, it gives a smooth ride and you are able to use it one handed which is great if you have a sibling to look after as well.

The pushchair is perfect even for newborns and will continue to work for us as a family as Edith grows. I can’t wait to take it on all of our family holidays!

Teething baby in pushchair

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