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The Kinetic Rock Crusher Review- head and boulders above the rest! 

Erin and I love craft items such as clay and glue. The only problem we have is you always need to find something to do with them and they make a lot of mess!

When we were sent the Spinmaster Kinetic Rock Crusher to review- it was a game changer. We now had something that was crafty feeling as it was sensory and you can build things- without the mess (GENUIS!).

We had previously had Kinetic sand which Erin enjoyed but limited what you could do apart from make shapes with it. The Kinetic Rock Crusher was different. It made a game… you could come up with all different scenarios. (Erin’s favourite was – Lay the rock as a road surface and dig it back up whilst the man shouts!  Not sure what builders she has been watching!!)

The Rock Crusher itself comes with construction tools, dumper truck, mould to pave the road, and a little foreman! The tools are perfect for little hands and are easily used. One turns and crushes, one digs, one moulds.

Kinetic Rock is tiny bits of actual rock that is stuck together like Kinetic sand. It doesn’t go everywhere and doesn’t stick to your hands or clothes, perfect for Erin as she is so clumsy.

One of the other great things about the game is that the box makes a board to set the scene of a building site. We were able to play outside in the spring air and we didn’t lose any out of the box it was fab. If you do happen to lose bits or want a different coloured rock you can buy additional packs of rock which is fab.
The one and only criticism I have with the game is that when I went to put it away there was no bag to put the sand back in. So I used a reusable sandwich bag, which easily rectified the situation.

The game itself is perfect for ages 3 and above. I would just watch little ones in case they thought it may taste nice!

You can click here if you fancy a Kinetic Rock Crusher at such a great price I will be buying this for presents as I think girls and boys alike will love it! I know Erin did she sat for ages and asked to play again every night!