We are Fit For Sport!

If you read my blogs frequently you will know I work part time. My hours are 9.30-3.00pm daily which is great for school hours. It just poses a problem in the holidays.

I am very lucky my mum and auntie have had Erin for me since she was 9 months old on the days that I work. When school came around I felt that at last they were given a break.


They were thrown back in at the deep end this summer as they went from not having Erin for a year to having her every day between them. My mum works really long hours and had the most days booked to have Erin. I needed to find some respite for her.


Fit for sport was my answer. They contacted me and asked if I would like Erin to attend in exchange for an honest review. I practically bit their arm off!!


Fit for Sport is a nationwide holiday camp that runs during every school holiday. The camp is a mix of sporting, games, swimming and crafts. There is a weekly theme and the two weeks Erin went the themes were “under the sea” and “pirates”.


Erin couldn’t wait to go. We had booked two Wednesday sessions- 9.30am- 4.30pm but I spoke to the organisers as I had meetings and they said i was able to send Erin 8.45 (which isn’t one of the start times) they were very accommodating.



Things you need to take with you are:

  • A water bottle
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Healthy snacks x2
  • Healthy lunch


The first day I collected Erin who had a beaming smile on her face and couldn’t wait to show me the crab she had made! ?

She also said she had done swimming, rounders and Judo! She had been extremely busy!!! The week after was the same timetable but with different craft and opposite times of the day.


The groups are small and are split into two so they have lessons taught by professionals which are close knit.


The one thing I love about fit for sport is that Erin was given a wrist band with a number and I am given a ticket with the corresponding number on it. I also had to sign in and out and confirm who was picking her up. This meant no one was able to collect her with out my prior knowledge.


The prices for Fit for sport are really reasonable and it’s something I will look into for the next holidays as she loved it. If you want to book Fit For Sport for half term you can do here.