Dropped Dummy… Not a Problem with Milton!

The great debate about kids and germs has always been one I am on the fence with- the older generation tell you that sterilising it ridiculous and that you shouldn’t bother and health visitors tell you to do it up until 12 months- god knows who’s right!
When I think about it I am happy to let little ones pick food up off the floor in the house and eat it, but when it comes to dropping a dummy outside I am on a different fence- The floors of the UK harbour many germs especially when you think a dog may have done its business in the exact spot little ones dummy dropped!
Without carrying boiling water that inevitably went cold or 10 different dummies there was no other solution, so when we were asked to review the Milton Mini Portable Dummy steriliser I thought it was a genius idea as long as it worked and was easy to use, thankfully it was just that!
The steriliser comes with Milton sterilising tablets and is a small round ball which is BPA free that has a screw on lid and handle so you can clip it to the pushchair or changing bag.  To you the Steriliser all you need to do is add one tablet and fill the water to the fill line insert the soother into the foam pad and press down and twist to clean the teat- replace the water tight lid and after 15 minutes your Dummy is all done! It really is that simple! The lids come in different colours to suit your style including a gorgeous new shimmery grey colour which I love!! All you have to do when you’re out and about is unscrew the lid and pop the dummy in! It’s really that simple! No more mishaps when your little one is forever dropping their dummy!


You can buy the Milton Mini Dummy Steriliser from Mothercare, Amazon, Boots and Superdrug and the price is a bargain £6.99 and the sterilising tablets come in packs of 28 for £1.35.