Water keeps you alive! Bellabeat Spring Review #AD

Drinking water is so important and one of those things that is easily missed. I have been reviewing the Bellabeat Spring to see if I can up my intake. I was gifted the Bellabeat Spring in exchange for an honest review.

I have been using my Bellabeat Leaf for a nearly a year now and I love it. Everyday I clip it onto my bra and attempt to beat the previous days steps, it really motivates me to get moving. Trouble is having a baby means that moving is something that now just happens- whether it’s to rock Edith to sleep, or run and grab something or running upstairs to put her dummy back in 10 times during nap time. So I am racking up the steps on a daily basis.

With everything being so busy I am forgetting one major thing- to stop and think about how I am fuelling all of this extra running about.

Turns out I’m not fuelling my body efficiently of either food or liquid. This is one of the reasons why I struggled to lose weight. When I looked into exactly what I ate and drank in a day it turns out I was eating one meal and it would be around 5pm before I noticed that I hadn’t had a drink all day!

That’s where the Bellabeat Spring has jumped to my rescue.


The Spring works with the Bellabeat App that I already have and is synced by shaking the bottle gently side to side.

It works by measuring how much you have drank and reminding you via the app if you forget.

This enables you to see on the app what your intake is and how much you should be drinking on a daily basis.

As you can see I was really poor at drinking and remembering to drink and this water bottle has enabled me to keep drinking with constant reminders.

The only downsides I have found is that you can’t put the whole unit in the dishwasher or wash it up, you have to take the top and bottom off to enable you to clean it properly. The second downside is that it has no clip to pop it on a bag.

Other than that the Spring is a really stylish design and looks great as a water bottle. The lid is really easy to drink from and is a great accessory if you are as forgetful as me and need constant reminders to keep drinking.

You can purchase the Bellabeat Spring from and you don’t need to have a Bellabeat to use it.