Newborn Essentials Part One

Welcome to Newborn Essentials Part One- Part two will be out tomorrow!

I am very organised and always have been, so when I knew I was pregnant I didn’t want to worry about things late on. Especially with my due date being New Year’s Eve and having to deal with Christmas.  Therefore I have tried to get lots of little things along the way and some fabulous brands have helped me out in my quest to be organised. If a video is more your thing then you can watch our YouTube video on the items here.

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Milton Newborn Essentials Bundle

Milton Bundle-

I have always loved Milton Products and use them regularly in the house. The antibacterial spray and wipes are my go-to items. Especially in pregnancy as they don’t have a smell that makes me want to be sick!

The spray is great for kitchen surfaces to disinfect all kinds of things from highchairs, potty’s and baby’s baths.

The items Clean, disinfects and freshens whilst killing 99.9% of germs leaving a lovely clean fragrance that is light and not overpowering. Perfectly safe in pregnancy and for little ones as the items are bleach and alcohol-free. The wipes have always been a great back up for those times when you need the power of the spray in a quick and easy wipe.

Since Erin has been born we have also been using Milton Antibacterial hand gel. This has ensured that those perfect parenting moments that you never thought would happen have been cared for- including your child weeing all over your hands in public or putting your hands down a dirty gap in the road to grab their lost toy!!  Same for dummies…. The amount of time I have had a dummy thrown against a floor or dropped on a sticky surface to find it’s my last one and not having anything to sterilise it. Now my prayers have been answered with the Milton Soother Steriliser in limited edition Silver- a perfect accessory for a changing bag and practical too. Pop your dummy into the hole in the middle of the foam and hey presto! All clean. Perfect for your travels.

You can buy yourself all these amazing Milton essentials from several high street stores, to check out the listings click here. But if you’re feeling lucky enter the competition below.

Milton Newborn Essentials Bundle

Claire De Lune Noah Pod & Blanket-

This is possibly one of the most adorable things I have for bubs, I have always had a bit of a thing for wicker and anything wicker and baby related tips me over the edge.

The Noah pod is a wicker Moses basket with rocking stand (sold separately). We chose the Marshmallow Grey Noah pod that has the softest lining and blanket with a polka dot effect imprinted into the material. The grey is so stylish and the material is soft and cocoons baby to ensure they sleep soundly.

The pod has an integrated hood to shield your baby from light and leather grey handles, although it is not designed to be moved with the baby inside. The pod itself is lightweight and sits on a grey rocking stand which can also be used with a break to remain motionless. The dimensions of the pod itself without the stand is 100 X 45 X 25CM, which is a great size, I tested it with my friend 6.5month old boy who fit perfectly so its a long lasting piece of furniture and well worth the money.

We also received the most beautiful ‘Over the Moon’ blanket. The blanket has a hemmed edge with a double-sided picture of the moon and ‘I love you to the moon and back’ imprinted on it. The blanket is soft and is a great size for baby to play on or snuggle up in the winter which will be perfect for us.  To buy both of these items head to Clair De Lune.

Shnuggle Baby bath-

Shnuggle is an innovative brand that I have seen so many products that I have fallen in love with and one of them was their bath. With Erin, I didn’t have a baby bath but what I wanted this time was a way to get Erin involved with bath time for the baby and a baby bath was the way to go.

The Shnuggle baby bath has a foam back which lets the baby sit up without slipping everywhere with a ‘bum bump’ to keep baby sitting up and even has rubber feet to keep it from sliding over the floor. The innovative design enables the bath to be a part of your furniture and look stylish as well as being practical, coming in several colours it is perfect for any household. To buy click here.

Snuz pouch-

We will be using sleeping bags from as soon as baby is born. Snuz have bought out there own great Snuz pouch’s which make nappy changes easy as you have a zipped area to enable you to change little ones nappy without waking them up. They come in many different designs which all have a unique modern edge to them and they are made from 100% cotton. Therefore baby will be soft and snuggled all night long.

The pouches come in several togs for summer and winter and all different sizes.