Splash Splash Bubblebaths and Rain Dancing! Review with Ziggle #AD

At a trip to Blog On in Manchester I met the lovely Nicole from Ziggle. She offered us the chance to review her amazing new Rainmac and bath towel in exchange for an honest review.

For months I have been using hooded bath towels for Edith that are so small the poor bubba has exposed skin and i struggle to wrap in her in them. Hooded towels are so much easier when they are tiny as they keep them warm but I havent found one big enough until now.

The gorgeous Rosie Cloud Hooded Towel is not only big enough to wrap Edith in at 75cm by 75cm. It is also so cute! It has a a grey hood with a lovely cloud and then a rose pink in the middle. It is a really thick material that includes an 100% absorbant terry cotton lining to enure complete dryness for baby, which is fantastic when baby is tired and ready for bed and wanting to get dry quickly.

The towel is suitable from birth and is perfect for any busy mum as its machine washable and can be tumble dried. As you can see Edith is loving the towel and it is now a staple in our bath routine. The towel is priced at £17 which I don’t think is a bad price for a long term investment due to the size.

The other item I recieved from Ziggle was the Colour Changing Raincoat.

Erin loves jumping in puddles in the rain and her favourite lesson at school is Forest school. They tend to do Forest school in the summer months and getting a coat that isnt too warm but protects her from the mud and the water was tricky.

The Ziggle colour changing unicorn raincoat is purple with a unicorn on the front and back, the light colours stay light until the rain hits it and then it changes colours! (This is one of Erin’s favourite parts about this coat as she claims she can judge if she got really wet!!!).

The coat is lightweight and folds easily and is a small enough to fit in a bag with ease. The coat is also fully waterproof and has an elasticated hood to protect little ones heads.

We love the fact that the coat is light enough to be used in the summer when it’s hotter but it’s pouring with rain! Like most British summers!!!

The coat is available here and retails at £10 which is a steal!