Dulux- Daydreaming about new decor?

Changing Decor in the home is tough, especially with kids. During the summer holiday’s the thought of kids assisting in decorating scares me! Neons, glitter, 1000 colours and fur-hmmmm!!!

Dulux have recently partnered with child developmental psychologist Dr Sam Wass. Who together have looked into the benefits of involving your child in the decorating process. It has been found that decorating their bedroom is more important to kids than other summer actives.

To assist with taking the fear factor away from this for parents, Dulux have created a Kids’ Bedroom Summer Workbook. You and your little one can work through designs and fantasies about their bedroom together. Dulux has developed six easy to achieve bedroom looks to help parents and kids create a fun and exciting space. The bedroom themes include Space, Sport, Jungle, Circus, Storybook and Superhero. You can explore each trend in detail at

The designs are so exciting and adorable they have the ability to give your little ones a step in the right direction. Especially when picking their own- not just throwing wild ideas at you that fill you with dread!!!!

Erin & I worked through the workbook together and decided on a princess theme and she chose ‘Sweet pink’ and ‘sugared lilac’ from the Dulux Endurance paint range.  We looked at the gorgeous ideas on Dulux’s website and took the canopy idea with fairy lights and wanted to try that as it looks beautiful and really girlie! Erin was so excited even at the age of 4 to be assisting in the planning and decorating of her bedroom. The excitement on her face was a picture, especially as its pink. we are planning the unveiling as her new big girl bedroom in September as this will be a little treat for going to big school. ekkkkk! cannot wait!