A Cure for cluster headaches!

So if you have read my previous posts I have been riddled with cluster headaches since the age of 19. If you aren’t sure what they are check out my previous posts here.

At 19 I came off the pill which I had been on since I was 15. And a few years later I started having cluster headaches. A very severe headache that will last for months. I genuinely at one point thought I had a brain tumour.

The contraceptive Pill

When Erin was born they were getting worse but no one knew what they were and said it was me grinding my teeth! I was given all sorts of medication and even a mouth guard to try and prevent it. Nothing worked.

Fast forward to when Erin was 2 and my mum literally thought I was dying. She took me to A and E and told them they had to sort it out. I saw a lovely nurse that said ‘oh she has a cluster headache she needs oxygen”. Boom! A name for the hell I was going through.

I went to see a doctor that week who worked with me and the cluster charity OUCH on trying to solve the issue and enable me to live a normal life.

I was put on Sumatriptan injections, oxygen canisters in the house and verapamil. This didn’t stop them but keeps them under control.

Last year at the age of 29 I was in world of pain again and having a bad bout of them. Then I got pregnant through IVF and Bam they stopped. I didn’t usual joke of ” I should be pregnant all the time they disappear”.

Sumatriptan injections

January I gave birth to Edith and the next day woke with a cluster. I thought I had got rid, nope! I had them everyday for 4 weeks after I gave birth and something clicked.

Newborn baby

I had them since 19 and when I was pregnant I was fine… can the contraceptive pill cure my headaches?! I went to the doctor and she gave me the pill before I was supposed to have it and guess what! I have only had one cluster since and it went away with injecting! I am convinced it’s my PCOS and that’s why when I am pregnant and have the pill they disappear as it levels out my hormones!

I am so thankful I have found a cure! I have never been so happy!