Bubble Bum Review

If you're anything like me you have lots of friends with little ones. When the occasion arises going out with them is a logistical nightmare especially if one of you has two children.

My cousin has two little ones and we like to go out together a lot. Trying to get all three kids in car fun, to say the least. She has two bulky car seats and Erin is in a high back booster.
My plan was to put Erin's booster in the front seat and for me to squish in between the two car seats. (I need to not eat for a week prior to that car journey!!!).

Luckily for us, Bubble Bum came to the rescue. Now I am a firm believer in car seat safety and I wanted to safest option for Erin on my car journeys when there is no other option. Bubble Bum was great for this reason.

Bubble Bum is a car seat that comes in a bag, which can be inflated in less than a minute. The straps then come over the shoulder and hold the seatbelt in place. Leaving your child to have a safe place to sit.

The car seat is comfortable and very simple to use. All you need to do is get the product out of the bag, inflate with your mouth. Then attach a shoulder strap and clip in as normal.

This, in turn, leaves the seat belt sat in the exact same positions as if they were in a high back booster without the clunkiness of a car seat.

Assembly was simple and Erin was able to sit in it with ease – ( she's a very tall 5-year-old). The design of the product is great and eye catching. My favourite part of the product is the fact it comes in a bag to carry it and is so simple to inflate and deflate.

The Bubble Bum complies with EU regulations for car seat laws and is perfect for emergencies, 3 children in the car as a one off, Taxi's and going abroad.

Erin loved the product and we will definitely be using it again. If you want to win one click below:
Bubblebum booster seat worth £29.99

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