‘Spill mummy’ the noise i won’t hear again!

Spill Mummy! This is all i ever hear from the back of the car. A large exhale normally comes out whilst i am trying to compose my mild anger. I am not sure how much my more my car seats can take!

MAM have a great solution to my problem thankfully! They have been around since 1976. There objective is to support the individual development of each child in the best way possible. Also to make day-to-day baby care easier for parents.

Children are getting more and more reluctant to drink just water. In the new age where juice and fizzy drinks rule- i try and promote healthy drinking. Schools only allow children to drink water and milk so why would I not follow?

Erin is quite good in the fact she will drink water as well as juice. I worry about her dehydrating especially in the heat we have been having. To ensure she doesn’t get thirsty I always have on hand a water bottle in my bag. I give her it when we get into the car and within minutes she spilt it!!!

So when MAM asked me to review their sports cup RRP £5,99. I jumped at the chance. Erin was so excited as it was pink with little fairies on it. What I love about this bottle is that it comes with a valve so you can make it non spill. The valve is also able to be removed ensuring that older children are also catered for. The cap is able to be opened and closed to ensure its non spill. The bottle also holds a 330ml of water.

MAM ensures there products are BPA Free and have an Ingenious curved bottle to ensure it doesn’t slip out of the tiniest of hands!

All in all we really loved this bottle and would definitely buy more!