2.4 children- is this really practical anymore?

2.4 children … is this really a thing anymore? Are there still mums out there that are the perfect wives and slaves to their husbands and kids? I’m thinking there are!!

My partner is very traditional with his roles as he was brought up with traditional roles in his family. His mum didn’t work, looked after the children and cleaned the house and made a beautiful dinner for her husband’s return- I think this is how my partner wishes I was!! In my family my mum got divorced when I was 9 and worked her back side off to ensure I was able to go on holiday and still do all the fab things with her. So what is the stance now? Should we all uphold to a traditional household if we can?

The thought of staying in the house all day with Erin whilst I cook and clean is a lovely thought… the truth of the matter is I would clean one room and she would mess up another or I would iron a pile of clothes and she would put them on and play dress up in the clean washing! This is exactly why 90% of the time I think is it actually worth doing any of this stuff whilst she’s awake?? Instead we go out on my days of work and spend most of the time out of the house, so as little carnage of the house occurs as possible!!

One thing I have thought is does this make you lazy? My partner is the world’s worst at tidying up after himself- but is this a result of his mum being so amazing when he was at home or is it the fact that he’s just useless at remembering to tidy up after himself? I understand that in an ideal world I would be much more efficient in the house as he works such long hours, but in all honesty as long as it gets done does it matter if the house is a mess for a few days a week? If you ask Erin she would say that going out and having fun with mummy was much more fun (amen to these women who are so super good that they can take their children out, clean the house, have the dinner done and iron the clothes!) maybe if I didn’t work I could get to these scales of domestic goddess!! But until then I think I am going to enjoy my time with Erin before she goes to school and I go back to work 5 days a week- the washing, ironing and cleaning can all be done at night. What do you think? should a traditional family life be upheld?