Coaching your way through parenthood!

Someone coaching you through parenthood sounds like a dream!

Barefoot Coaching have come up with a new and ingenious way of doing just that. They have launched their new ‘Coaching cards for parents’. These cards are designed to make honest, open and frank conversations between new parents easier. There are 52 in a pack and retail at £15. They can be purchased from Amazon.

Parenting is such a tough journey and I myself have questioned how to broach a subject with my partner. Children not only challenge relationships but make you think irrationally. I love these super cards and have been given a pack to finalise their ‘blog tour’. During the tour several bloggers are answering one of the questions open and honestly from the pack. Check out Helen at who was the last post on the blog tour before me!

The question I have chosen is; ‘What worries you most about your family’s future?’

In recent times the main thing that is worrying me- which affects my family’s future but not directly is terrorism and the economy.  One of the biggest things to have happened during my life in politics was the referendum.  I watched in fear when the voting proceeded and how the uncertainty of our futures would pan out.  When the news came that we were out of the EU- my heart sank and the fears became a reality. The prime minister stepped down, there was a cabinet reshuffle and money seemed to be losing value at a rate of knots.

Where did this leave my family-my partner is an accountant and I work in Insurance. Would this impact our jobs? what did this mean for Erin’s future? so many unanswered questions still fly around my head and this worries me. I have come to terms with the fact i can’t control any of this and what will be we will all in be in together. To worry about my baby girl growing up in an uncertain atmosphere petrifies me.

The other thing that scares me is terrorism. The world seems to be blasted by unfortunate acts of god constantly and throwing into the mix terrorism concerns me even more. Should we look over our shoulder everywhere we go? should we fear to go on holiday or even leave the house?! Should I feel i have to make plans in public places to get my family to safety when all i wanted to do is go shopping? No. I shouldn’t have to do all that. The only problem is this is now a fact of life unfortunately and a major worry for me as all i can think is the problem is only going to get worse.

Like me, everyone worries about their families and when things happen in the world and the future of your families happiness lies in the balance- your going to worry. As i have learnt express your worries with your partner and use these fantastic cards to help. As the old saying goes ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ and it is so true. Go out and buy these fantastic cards if you feel like they will help you with your worries as they certainly helped me.

love the worlds worst worrier

Faye xx