Slugs as eyebrows, glasses that burn in the sun?! You need the Lee Stafford Lighten up Mirror!

Since I was 16 I have needed glasses. My eyesight problems started with wearing them occasionally. I then got older and my eyesight got worse… so bad my glasses look like they could burn bugs on a sunny day. Thank god for contact lenses.

Since I was born I was also blessed with my Dad’s eyebrows. Thanks Dad. They are bloody awful. As a child I was referred to a “slug” or “mono brow” you know those classics that kids enjoy being vile about.

These two factors brought me to an age old problem of having to pluck my eyebrows every week and not being able to see (Bloody Polycystic ovaries making me overly hairy!!). It was always a nightmare I would pluck my eyebrows put my glasses on or walk into the light and see I had missed about fifty.

This is where the lovely people at Amazon answered all my prayers and asked me to test the Lee Stafford Lighten Up Mirror.

The mirror itself is a shiny cerise pink and has a ring of light around the edge the ensure you can see everything clearly. The biggest bonus of all is that one side is magnified once on one side. The other side is ideal for me at a whooping 3 times magnification! (Warning when you look in this you think urghh I’m old wrinkly and have weird skin- look with caution!).

The mirror is on a stand and takes batteries so there is no annoying wires that you have to find a plug for. It takes 3 AA batteries. When you flick the switch underneath you have a nice soft warm illumination. The mirror also has a 360′ rotate so you can switch from one mode to the other with ease.

At the price of £29.99 it’s a fab solution to all of my problems! If you think it can cure yours head to: to pick one up today!

We were sent the Lee Stafford Lighten up Mirror in exchange for an honest review.