Spill Free and hydrated!

It’s Summer….. Kids need to stay hydrated. That is all well and good but I spend my life getting cups that leak everywhere out of my bag! There’s nothing like putting your hand in your bag to find wet raisins, a soaked purse and the cardigan that you were after drowned in your child’s drink! Queue taking off your own cardigan and freezing to death on the way out of soft play.

Thankfully this summer I am prepared. Nuby has come to the rescue and helped me prepare for the summer months where Erin will be begging me for a drink every time we go out within one minute of leaving the house.

We have recently been using the Flip it Freestyle cup and the Active Super slurp.

The Flip-it Freestyle cups come in gorgeous patterns and colours and have a flip up a straw, silicone band for grip and hole which means you can clip it to the pushchair or bag. The cup is suitable for 18 months plus and are BPA free. The cup itself holds 12oz/350ml of water, therefore, you aren’t constantly running backwards and forwards to taps to fill it up. I was dubious at first with the straw that these would spill but after some rigorous testing at ballet rehearsals being thrown into bags and leaving it lay down under our chairs, it didn’t spill a drop!

The Active Super Slurp has also shown us it has lived up to its no-spill promise. The cup again is suitable for 18 months plus and comes in similar colours and patterns to the flip it. This cup is more like a grown-up drinks bottle which Erin loves as it’s just like mummies. It is dentist approved which is great as Erin’s teeth are currently falling out at the rate of knots so something that won’t push them into the wrong place is ideal. The cup is also BPA free and is great for children who are able to put the spout in and out.

As you can see the girls loved the bottles and they are now our go-to cups for everything and mummies bag is still dry! You can buy Nuby Cups from most supermarkets, Amazon or Nuby’s own website.