Minnie Mouse Shopping Mall Review

We are undoubtedly high up on the list of top 100 Disney fans in the UK. We are a family who all go wild for a Disney film, a trip to Disney. Especially all time favorites Minnie and Mickey Mouse!

When we were asked to review the Minnie Mouse Shopping Mall, I was excited, I knew how happy Erin would be and how much fun she would have.

The product is not yet for sale but will be very soon and it’s RRP is £36.99.

The box arrived and is fairly large. It was Pink with all the Jazzy features shown on it. I immediately got to unpacking. There were a lot of pieces and took about 25 minutes to put together. It wasn’t overly easy but I got there in the end. I can imagine it’s probably easier without 20 questions from the child and with someone else to help. It looked great when it was assembled. A few things I needed when building this was batteries and a little screwdriver.


 This product is recommended for children 3 years and upwards as it has several tiny bits that little ones could put in their mouths.  The shopping mall has two levels with a side escalator that you can put the characters on to move up and down.

There is a great little feature behind the changing room curtain- it has a turntable. Minnie and Daisy fit onto the table and model the outfits in full 360′ view.

Erin and I’s favorite part was the photo booth (this is the area that needs batteries) it has sounds of a camera and flashing lights. Erin was obsessed with the fact she could change Minnie’s outfit and ‘take pictures’ of her.

Other features include a shopping area complete with a rail, shelves for accessories and a till with a credit card that you can swipe with sound effects.

Minnie and Daisy can even take a trip to the hairdressers and sit in the chair to be pampered with all the mini products and hairdryer.

All in All the Minnie Mouse shopping mall was a hit. The sizing was perfect and Erin and my Goddaughter were both able to play at the same time. So would be perfect for sisters too.

She was really impressed with the sound effects and lights that the mall produced.  Erin played quietly for over an hour. It’s got to be worth buying for that alone. As a family, we were really pleased and it has made a great new addition to our home.