Surprise- There are new L.O.L Surprise products!

Lol Surprise have taken the world by storm. Every shop you go to shows you just how popular L.O.L Surprises are as they are sold out. If you are lucky enough to get yourself on a waiting list or happen to be in store on delivery day you will have one excited little person.

L.O.L Surprise dolls are a mixture of pets, older sisters and little sister but they all consist of sassy little dolls who rock an outfit better than most supermodels. If you are lucky enough you may even get your hands on one of the Glitterati who are special editions that you can find in select balls. There are even a games, Big L.O.L Surprise ball, Pearl surprise confetti pop L.O.L Dolls and now the Fizz Factory.

We have been lucky enough to be sent the Fizz Factory and a Confetti Pop L.O.L doll to review. As you can imagine Erin has been bouncing off the walls about it.

The L.O.L. Surprise Fizz Maker includes everything you need to make your own surprise fizz, plus you are able to make an endless supply of surprise fizz balls with general household ingredients.

The set includes everything you need to make your own surprise fizz. All you need to do is; mix the ingredients, include a surprise of your choice, add glitter (obviously!!) and use the press to press your surprise ball.
The set includes- 3 Exclusive charms, cleaning tool, measuring spoon, funnel, water dropper and ingredients for the fizz ball. The one downside to the fizz balls is that they aren’t suitable for bath use, which unfortunately trying to convince a 6 year old the reasoning behind this fell on deaf ears but that’s another story.

Using the Fizz maker was fairly simple but Erin still needed my supervision otherwise it could get messy. The process was simple and she enjoyed it and said she was making a science experiment!! It lets little ones understand measurements and processes behind making things which I really liked and Erin is now obsessed with making a fizz ball and letting it fizz in the sink and making it again! (aren’t kids easily pleased!!) This would be a great gift for little ones who love L.O.L surprises and is available at more toy stores including Smyths Toy store.

Our confetti Pop was a massive hit!! As usual Erin cannot wait to unpeel the 9 layers of fun.

The layers include, Secret message sticker, collectible Sticker, bottle charm, shoes, outfit, accessory, ring tattoo for child, Confetti pop, and the Surprise doll. There are now 35 different dolls included in the range and includes the doll brochure to see if they are rare or usual. When you unpeel the layers of fun you eventually get to the confetti pop. This is where you pull the tab and the lid pops off and confetti goes everywhere! You can collect the confetti back up and continue to use the confetti pop over and over again. (She opened it far too quick for me to get pics!!!)

Erin loves any L.O.L dolls and confetti pops make her more excited than normal when she sees the explosion of confetti everywhere. The Dolls are really cute and you can feed them water and watch them wee…. One of Erin’s favourite parts!! They are perfect for the bath as all clothes are waterproof. My only advice would be fine somewhere to keep the L.O.L dolls as all of the accessories and the dolls prove difficult to keep together without losing tiny little shoes. You can buy Confetti Pop from most Toy stores but we normally get ours from Smyths.