So Sand DIY Review #Ad

Erin loves anything ASMR- (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a relaxing, often sedative sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the body.

Erin continually finds videos of anything ASMR on YouTube and just loves watching them! To be honest I quite enjoy it too! So when we were asked to check out the So Sand DIY-Satisfying Sand Case- we were more than pleased.

The item arrived and was such lovely colours, we opened the box and all of the things you could ever need were inside. There were cutters, shapers, glitters, colours and sand- all of which were in a great carry case.

The first thing you had to do was dye the sand different colours. You have 3 packs of sand and 3 colours and glitters. They are very simple to mix you just add the colour and glitter and knead until mixed. This made the experience really interactive as Erin was able to decide exactly what she wanted to do with regards to colours and textures. The colours come out really vibrant too which I liked as sometimes colour mixing can be very disappointing.

The cutters and utensils were extremely easy to use to too and didn’t need to read loads of instructions which is great when your child is impatient like mine!

The sand itself isn’t messy at all, it doesn’t stick to anything but is able to be moulded into shapes and then returns to a sand state afterwards, this is ideal for me as messy products are a nightmare with Edith who is 1 as she continually walks round trying to mine-sweep anything she can possibly eat!!

For ages both Erin and I sat with the sand playing with it and enjoying how relaxing the sand was. In fact I could have sat there all afternoon transferring it from one hand to another! Erin did lots of shapes and enjoyed cutting them up and moulding the colours.

ASMR products are excellent for children with Autism and ADHD as they are calming whilst doing something with their hands. Erin has ADHD and was able to sit nicely whilst playing as it occupied her mind and hands.

Overall I would recommend So Sand DIY- there are several different sets in the range and it is a great long term play set as the sand doesn’t dry out and there are so many things you can do with it. To check out the other toys in the So Sand DIY range click here.