Be Safe with Safesip

If you’re anything like me when we go out for dinner and Erin requests a drink that comes in a glass I squirm thinking about having to be on high alert! She is so clumsy the likely hood of her throwing her drink across the table in one foul swoop is inevitable! When I saw SafeSip advertised I thought all the answers were at my feet…. If it worked!

SafeSip is an invention from Melissa Edmunds and the product is revolutionary. We were lucky enough to be sent a raspberry and clear pack to try. Safesip fits virtually any glass or cup! Even wide topped pub glasses! It keeps your drink in… so well you can even hold it upside down and also keeps all other things out including little fingers trying to catch the ice!!

Safesip is ideal for parents, children, campers, party guests, the elderly and the disabled. SafeSip is great for nights out and helps to deter drink tampering and keeps your clothes free from what I like to call ‘dancing spillages!’ The problem with the summer is every creepy crawly wants to kill themselves in your glass… not only can you keep your drink free from inhabitants you can save a life! 😉
You can purchase Safe Sip from where they come in several colours and are really reasonably priced. You can buy 1 for £4, 2 for £7.50, 3 for £10 and so on each time making it more affordable to protect your drinks! They are simple to put on just by stretching over the glass and inserting your straw. You can even tip the entire drink upside down- to the delight of Erin!! All of the colours are bright and if you just want clear this is also an option. They roll up to a tiny size so are great for on the go or putting in your handbag on a night out! A great product for any individual!