Bath time beauty for babies everywhere!

Many times I have wondered if night time or bed time added to a product means they are just trying to sell something and lure sleep deprived mothers into a purchasing frenzy to get their little balls of energy to go to sleep.

When I was asked to review Infacare night time bath I attempted to take my cynical hat off and open my mind to the possibility of an easy and simple bed time! Since my little one was tiny I have always tried to keep a solid routine and make night time that one time where things had to go smoothly… (Little ones thrive from routine right?! This was going to be easy…yes?!) Wrong!! Bringing up a baby is far from easy and there cute squidgy faces make you think you would forgive everything… except when they are up all night screaming and you don’t remember the last time you slept!

With an open mind I used the Infacare night time bath… my first impressions were great- lovely looking packaging (even made me feel relaxed) and smelt like a dream! The bubbles themselves last for ages and are PH balanced making sure the product is extra mild for even the most sensitive skins. Well what can I say Erin even went and asked to go to bed when she got out of the bath! First time for everything isn’t there!!! She felt soft and moisturised and smelt good enough to eat! She slept all night and dosed off very quickly! I only wish I had looked into these products a little more seriously when she was younger!!!

You can buy Infacare Night time bath from leading high street stores including Asda, Boots, Co-op, Superdrug, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.  It comes in 400ml and 750ml bottles and retails around £3.