Beautiful Bed Linen- perfect for the trendiest of nurseries!

As you know we have worked with the fabulous Clair De Lune before and love their products! So when we had the chance to review the new “The Dudes” cot bed set for Maisie! We were extremely excited by our packages arrival! 

The quilt is gorgeous and encompasses all of my favourite elements being- The colour grey, spots and stars! The matching number picks all of the elements but not in a way where is there is an overload of pattern but is contemporary and has all the bright colours you would want to stimulate your babies brain for learning.
When we used the set it was perfect thickness so as to not be too hot or too cold and was really soft as it is made from 100% cotton and washes really well too. The bumper has enough attachments so it doesn’t flap about on the cot bars which is a pet hate of mine because I sometimes feel they are a bit dangerous, but this is perfect!
 It retails at £46 and can be found on the Clair De Lune website I think this is a really good price for the quality of the product and it washes so well would last for more than one baby if you were planning another! 
All in all another fantastic product from Clair De Lune who currently stay as one of our favourites for nursery furniture! 
Faye X