I’m back with a life update!

Hello! And happy Friday ! I have been radio silent on here due to trying to get my head around a new routine and the fact that no one would read it as they are all busy with their new routines! Anyway I’m back and going to attempt to be consistent with two posts a week- obviously this hasn’t gone well in the first week HA!.

How is everyone? Are you coping with the changes? School has started for us and I’m finally getting into the swing of it- 3 weeks in and I feel like I now know what I’m doing which is good. Erin loves school but was terribly nervous. I don’t think the set up at drop of is great as there’s more people outside the gates than there was before due to the new rules of drop off. How is your school set up? Does it work?

Our neighbouring village has a case of covid in the school and I’m not going to lie I’m freaking out. The cases everything I’m losing it again- I need to get myself more chilled because at the moment I’m majorly panicked. How do you guys feel about schools having cases nearby?

Erin lost her grommet on the first day of school last week which after 8 months of them being in was a bit traumatic- we never had a follow up after the operation due to covid so now we have one on Monday. Not sure what they will do but she’s got an ear infection which is being cleared with drops thankfully.

If you don’t know we have sold our house and bought our dream house, we’re waiting for all that to go through but again that’s all a bit stressful at the moment as issues crop up and it’s all very new to me and to be honest I don’t even want to know!!!!

In the last two weeks my exercise has gone up shite cream and hasn’t returned with a paddle… I am drinking 50 million cans of coke… ( or actually back to 8 a day) and I’m eating all the chocolate! I know it will help with my anxiety etc but it’s my birthday Monday so I will asses the situation then.

In other news I am going to attempt to grow up… yes I am 32 Monday but I don’t drink coffee or tea and I want to be in the adult club!!! I use coke as a caffeine hit. I hate coffee but I’m going to try and like tea! Does anyone want to give me some tips?! Ha!!!

Lastly I’m going to up my parenting game- poor Edith is missing out on baby groups and her usual messy play so I’m going to attempt some messy plays at home. I will share them on my insta too so if you want you can join in 🙂 if you have any ideas let me know.