#LearnwithPeppa Peppa Pig Electronic learning toys Review #AD

If you have followed me for a long time you will know that both of my kids adore Peppa Pig. Peppa is a around daily in some kind of format- she is either on the Television or we have the Peppa toys out.

Recently we have been gifted the new Peppa Pig electronic learning toys in exchange for an honest review. So we are going to let you know what we think.

Peppa’s Phonic Alphabet-

Peppa’s phonic Alphabet is a great toy for getting preschoolers ready for school. It gives the child a basic knowledge of letters, numbers and colours through play.

Having one child at school I know how important it is to learn phonics as the basis of their reading is using phonics and sounds. Using phonics can also aid little ones with their speech and language- Phonics uses sounds to pronounce words easily.

The game itself comes with an electronic Peppa pig figure in which you can put one of the 8 interactive brightly coloured blocks into her dress.

Peppa will ask you a question for your child to then find the correct answer on the block and insert it into her dress. This really helps little fingers with their fine motor development too.

Peppa’s Phonic alphabet is available at Amazon for £19.99. Edith really enjoyed playing with the blocks and putting them in and out and listening to the words. She was also able to copy aspects of the words which was great.

I really like that the game comes with a bag to keep all the blocks together so they don’t get lost. The game is also compact enough you can easily take it on the go which is great when you need to occupy an energetic toddler.

Peppa Pig Laugh and Learn Laptop

Whenever I am doing anything on my laptop, I always have tiny fingers coming over and pressing buttons!

For Edith to have her own laptop is perfect for us to be able to work side by side. She is able to learn and give me 10 minutes to complete my task.

The Laugh and Learn Laptop is perfect for on the go learning too. The flip up lid and carry handle make it perfect for taking out with you. The Laptop includes 4 activities which include Letters, Objects, musical Instruments and colours.

There are 6 great sounds including piano keys and funny sounds to play in song mode. Not only can you learn but also have fun at the same time.

The Laugh and Learn Laptop is £14.99 from Amazon.

Edith really enjoyed playing with this and was a ‘big girl’ like mummy when she was doing her ‘work’. I really like the dual learning and play element and the fact its perfect for on the go too. I also love that it has two sound levels so it is able to be used in restaurants etc without disturbing anyone else.

There are also some really great toys in the range including Peppa Pig count with Peppa. Counting alongside Peppa with 10 interactive coins- your little one is able to put the coins into her purse. Peppa recognises the coins and is able to respond accordingly. This is perfect for learning colours, numbers, and pictures. This retails for £19.99 and is available at Amazon.