Mandala Placenta Encapsulation Review #AD

When I got pregnant I knew that this time I wanted everything to be different to how it was with Erin, I wanted the whole experience. So many things have changed since Erin’s as born 7 years ago and things are so much more accessible now.

I watched a programme a few years ago about Placenta Encapsulation and there were so many benefits it had intrigued me. Since then celebrities such as Rochelle Humes from the Saturday’s had made it more ‘acceptable’ in todays society. But why should it be a taboo. When going into shops such as health food shops I have taken many homeopathic remedies in hope that they ‘fix’ the ailment, but actually I have no idea what on earth is in it. At least with Placenta Encapsulation I know exactly what is in it.

The benefits of Encapsulation are huge. Some of which include vitamins such as Iron, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E and amazing benefits such as Oxytocin (the feel good hormone) Thyroxin (assists in weight loss), Stem Cells, Oestrogen and many more.

I contacted the lovely Donna at Mandala to discuss the options I had with Placenta encapsulation and she was so helpful. I was offered free encapsulation in exchange for an honest review. Donna was able to answer any questions I had including what happened if I had Group Strep B- which I ended up testing positive for and was still able to have it.

All of the capsules Mandala Placenta Encapsulation supplies are Vegan and Vegetarian friendly and are made from all natural ingredients. They cover the whole of mainland UK and with include delivery and collection within a 60 mile radius of LE3 8JP. If you live outside of this additional courier charges would apply.

  • The types of encapsulation and packages are extensive and include:
    • Steamed Placenta Encapsulation- £180
      Raw Dehydrated Placenta Encapsulation- £180
      50% Raw Dehydrated 50% Steamed Encapsulation- £200
      Tincture- £50
      Placenta Balm cream and facial oil- £45 each
      Homeopathic Mother and Child Remedies £75 each

    They even come with an umbilical cord keepsake.

    Plus many more packages. Head to Mandala Placenta Encapsulation for more details.

    My Experience-

    When I arranged my encapsulation which was a really simple process over email with Donna, there was a few forms and Donna said I needed to get Matt to message her when I was in established Labour as she is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week even Christmas Day!

    The month prior to my due date our ‘Placenta pack’ arrived which included a number of large ice blocks, a heavy duty freezer bag, instructions and a box to keep the placenta in. This was all included within the package which is fab as I have noticed a lot of companies don’t include this. I froze the ice packs and left the bag with my hospital bag to remind me.

    When I went in to be induced the hospital were great. I was concerned they may be funny about me encapsulating my placenta but they said it was done all the time and even used the freezer to re freeze the blocks when my labour turned out to be a long process.

    Once I had delivered my placenta it was put on ice by the midwife and Donna met Matthew downstairs in the hospital to collect it. This was very late Friday night and I had the package of capsules returned first thing Monday morning by post- which was an amazing turnaround.

    The instructions are included on the pack and suggest 1-2 tablets 3 times a day. So far they have been amazing. I am 4 weeks postpartum and haven’t been tearful, I haven’t lacked in energy and don’t feel ‘odd’ which I did after my birth with Erin. So if your wanting to banish the baby blues and feel full of energy its perfect. I have lost 2 stone since giving birth too which could have been down to these tablets.

    The best thing about taking Placenta Encapsulation is that they have assisted in replacing all of my hormones that I have lost. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know I get Cluster headaches which in me are linked to a drop in hormones. From the first day I came out of hospital I have had a cluster headache every day. Although since taking my placenta pills, they have decreased in quantity and severity which proves they are perfect for replacing the hormones you lose.

    All in all I am thankful for my decision to take Placenta pills and have enjoyed the process as it was all made so smoothly by Donna. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again or to do the process again if I had anymore children. I would recommend Mandala and Placenta Encapsulation within a heartbeat.