Snuggling up with Simba Toys Disney Toy Story Collection #AD

If you have followed us for a while you will know Edith’s first cinema experience was to see Toy story 4 at 7 months old and since then she has religiously watched all of the Toy Story films weekly! She adores playing Toy story and even met Buzz light year when we went to Disney for our wedding!

When we were asked if we wanted to review the Simba Toys Toy story plush collection we jumped at the chance! There are 8 different characters and they are all 25cm tall chunky style with cartoon eyes. The plush collection are perfect for snuggles, bedtime and imaginative play! They retail at £14.99 which is a really great price as they are really good quality and can be found at Amazon.

We were sent Alien, abuzz and Forky. They are really soft and Edith has really enjoyed playing with them. She has used them for imaginative play when she role plays scenes out of Toy story which is just the cutest thing to watch! She has also put them all on her bed and have taken over her room! They are perfect for all ages as they don’t have little parts and have large body’s and heads so little hands can grasp them easily. The cartoon effect of the toys makes them fun for children and they all also have a really friendly face which I love.

These would be a perfect gift for any Disney fan! I have already seen Matt eyeing them up and I have had to remind him he’s the adult and doesn’t need any Toy story Plushies! I’m glad Edith is enjoying them and they can watch the Toy story movies together! She even talks to them about the film whilst they watch!

I even think we may add to our collection as the more I look at Rex the cuter he looks I think even want him!! And then you can’t leave woody out either! You can purchase at Amazon and Very uk. A perfect companion for any Toy story fan!