Make your own teepee review!!

I have always looked at all the beautiful cotton Teepee’s that are on sale all over the internet thinking what a great place for little ones to read books or take outside in the summer… the only downside to these are they are so expensive! The ones I looked at were around £70 and I just couldn’t justify that cost. When I was asked to review ‘The Very Easy Teepee Pattern’ from Bear in the hood we were quite excited.  The Teepee pattern is designed for beginners and comes with clear illustrated instructions to guide you through the making process.  The product retails at £12.99 and is available from 

When you open the pack there is a shopping list for additional things you need to buy;

A pair of pinking shears or Scissors

2 Meters of Ribbon for the curtain ties

3 Meters of Calico

Sewing Thread

4 wooden poles @ 175Cm each and 15mm Diameter

1 meter of fabric for the curtains

1.5 meters of fabric for tent slots

I went to my local Dunelm shop and managed to purchase these items for £40. I think this is quite a good total price for the whole Teepee.  The finished Teepee will be 120cm x 120cm (width/depth) and height roughly 135cm.

I am no sewer and can’t even bring myself to attempt this kind of thing most of the time! But I felt positive and hopeful that I would be able to complete the challenge. My mum is good at things like this so I was able to have a girlie day with my mum for her to assist me in the making process. All of the instructions are really clear and nicely laid out and not a book of 10 pages as I first thought it would be which was a bonus!! I managed to erect the whole thing in just two nights which is fantastic and I am fairly proud of the results! I included battery powered fairy lights to make it that bit more special and I love the result! Erin absolutely loves it!   All in all this is a great project for parents and children to do together or to reduce the cost of buying a fully made one. This is all a great gift for any little prince or princess for Christmas or Birthdays! Definitely a get purchase!