Doddl Cutlery Review #gifted

Edith is very much her own person and definitely likes control! Especially when it comes to eating! She will not let you put a spoon to her mouth unless she can hold it. This has turned out on many occasions her just grabbing handfuls of food and ramming it into her mouth! She’s one stubborn toddler! I had given her so many spoons but she was unable to get her tiny hands around them and seemed to ditch it within minutes. Erin never had an issue with me feeding her so also started to use cutlery very late in the day, if I had these when she was little I think there wouldn’t be so much of a cutlery battle now she’s 8! We were offered the Doddl cutlery set to try and I couldn’t wait.

We have been loving the set since we received it the handles are perfect for little hands to hold and making eating spaghetti a far less messy job! The Handles are designed to develop motor skills and teaches them to eat independently. The handles are suitable from 12 months old and come in 3 colours, pink, green and blue. They even do a baby set from 6 months plus.

At first I was a little dubious about Edith wielding a knife but it’s perfect- it’s easy to push down on food, serrated blade that safely cuts through food and an ergonomic handle that supports the hand and wrist. The cutlery handles are contoured perfectly to fit little ones hand and are made from food safe stainless steel. The fork is the perfect size for spearing food and has an expertly placer gripped soft touch area on all of the pieces.

The cutlery is completely BPA and phthalates free and dishwasher safe which is a must in my house!! Since we have been using our Doddl cutlery there has been more food eaten as Edith loves being independent especially when eating. Which is great as there are no more mealtime wars.

Mess has been reduced and the amount of food waste we produce has also gone down as there is no longer excess food dropping down onto the floor when she has missed her mouth with long spoons. This also means clothes have not taking such a hit because her food is mostly going into her mouth!

I have been browsing the Doddl website and love that they do a tiny one for first weaned babies and even a case to carry your cutlery around in! We certainly will be purchasing one of those as they are perfect for on the go. Go and check out the Doddl website here.