Go back in time with Ironbridge Gorge Museums #AD

I have lived in Shropshire all of my life and rarely venture around to see what’s on offer or enjoy its history. Living so close to Ironbridge which is steeped in local history is great but I never thought it would be fun for the kids to go as I didn’t think it would interest them. That was until I found out about Ironbridge Gorge Museums.

Steeped in local history with a fun element too, Ironbridge Gorge museums has so much to offer over it’s 10 museums and even better you can get a annual pass which means you can go to all of the museums as many times as you want for a one off price.

We chose to Blists Hill which is the Victorian town that belongs to the Ironbridge gorge museums. Erin studied victorians at school so it seemed like the perfect place to start.

We booked online and arrived at 10am when it first opened. My little ones are early birds so we tend to always arrive when things open. On first impressions everything was clean and tidy with staff wearing masks and lots of hand sanitiser available which is perfect in times like these!

We first of all headed down the Victorian street where there was a selection of replica buildings you could go and look around and learn about each one from the really knowledgeable staff. Everything was so authentic even down to the staffs costumes its great. The road included a bank, pharmacy, pub, sweet shops- we had lots of sweeties to take home much to the girls deligh. The girls loved the authenticity of it all.

Next we headed down the hill to look in the bakery ( we of course had to try some delights from here and bought shortbread and biscuits) , newspaper press and candle makers which were fantastic and live demos were happening my girls thought it was amazing that candles were made out of animal fats and were hard to blow out!

We also looked around the houses of the Victorian much to Erins horror when she saw there was no television!!!

Edith spotted the fair ground at the bottom of the hill which was when the rain hit and we headed to cafe for a quick break! We had scones and drinks and headed back out in the drizzle as that couldn’t put us off! Even though it was raining the rides were still open which was fantastic as i was worried they would have closed them! This was where Edith went on her first ever ride and she won on the old fashioned games! We loved every minute!

Next we checked out the Brand new play area! It’s amazing! So huge but unfortunately it was too wet to go on it but using our annual passes we will definitely go and try it again and have a play because it looked fantastic!

All in all we had a really fun day out and we loved every minute we will be using our annual passes to go and check out the rest of the museums so keep an eye out for our next adventure. I would highly recommend Blists Hill it was perfect for both of my girls even with the age gap. They are 2 and 9 and there was something for them both and Matt and I. We will definitely be heading back soon