Smoby Reversible 2 in 1 Scooter #AD

As you can imagine having a 9 year old means I have got through my fair share of scooters! We have had everything you can think of including an electric scooter. None of the scooters we have had have ever been any good for Edith as she’s quite small and gets a bit nervous when something is flimsy beneath her… until now! We were delighted to be sent the Smoby 2 in 1 Reversible scooter to review and on first impressions it looks great.

The box is compact and is easy to find all of the pieces when opened. The instructions are really easy to follow and it comes with all the tools you need which I love! I hate having to hunt for tools when the kids are stood at your legs waiting! The assembly took less than five minutes which was great and I did it alone so doesn’t need a man!!

The scooter is set up in one of two ways- as a trike suitable from 18months plus or a stand on scooter suitable from 24months. To change this around it takes less than thirty seconds with removal of only one piece which is again perfect for impatient kids like mine! I found the trike and scooter really sturdy unlike others on the market and was made of good quality materials. The handle is also height adjustable so will have longevity which is always great in a kids toy!

Edith has always been a bit nervous of “scooting” and I think it’s because she’s quite small and doesn’t feel as safe standing on things, she first of all went on the trike and seemed to do really well pushing herself around which is great and didn’t seem worried. We even went on a little walk around the village as a trike and she mastered it really quickly!

We switched the scooter round when we got home and let Edith have a practice for a week around the house and she is more confident in scooting but hasn’t fully mastered it yet, she really enjoys being pulled on the scooter and tries really hard to scoot properly. We love the fact the scooter can be used both inside and outside and is plastic therefore no nasty “metal” marks against skirting boards that I used to get when Erin bought her scooter inside.

All in all we love the scooter and it’s versatility the one thing I would change is more selections of colour but the colour isn’t offensive! The scooter is priced at £29.99 at the moment on sale at Very. I think it’s a great price and really good value for money from Smoby as you know it’s a trusted brand you can rely on.