A rewarding way to a better routine! 

As you all may have read Erin gets a little over enthused around christmas.. (this is a complete understatement but read this post if you want to know more.. Christmas Syndrome)

The one thing I could do to try and make it better for everyone involved was to set up a reward chart for her. We have tried many reward charts before but huge pieces of paper I have to stick to the wall and end up losing stickers etc was tiring. When Tots Up asked if I wanted to review the Bus Reward Chart I jumped at the chance!  The Chart itself was a bus that stands in a stand (no sticking yay!!!) and a bus stop with magnetic people squares to stick on it.  Erin loved that she was able to personalise her bus with the letter stickers that came inside the box!

The bus comes in pink and red and even has Christmas elves magnets. If you wanted to make it more festive. The idea is that you decide with your little one a treat and when they get all ten magnets they are able to get it!

So far it’s working brilliantly for Erin and has been the only thing to actually calm her down over the Christmas period!

One of my favourite things about this product is that there is also an app you can download so that you can keep on track on the go.

The only thing that would make the app better is if two parents could log into the same Chart. My ex and I would be able to reward her. To keep up to date with where she is on her chart at corresponding houses.

Tots up is a really great product and Erin was completely won over by this fabulous product! You can buy it from Tots Up at a cost of £22.95 or £23.95 for the festive edition! Fingers crossed it will keep missy behaving for a long while yet!