Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp and Slime Goo Drop Review #AD

When the adverts start appearing on television for multiple toys we know it’s starting to near Christmas and one toy that was on Erin’s list was a Goo Goo Galaxy Doll and she was so excited when we were sent one to test in exchange for an honest review.

As with most kids slime is a huge hit in our house! Everything seems to be slime related and for some reason the kids love making it, this time it was even more exciting because it’s not just slime making!!

The Goo Goo Galaxy Doll we received is called Bowie Beamheart and includes:

  • Large Goo Drop Doll
  • Candy comet
  • Goo Drop Stand
  • Bowl
  • Whisk
  • Regoovinator
  • Glitter fills
  • Slime sachets
  • Passport
  • Glitter seal sheets

We have made slime before and I was concerned it was going to be really tricky but it was so easy Erin could have done it herself!

All you need to do is fill the bowl with water up to the line, add the slime sachet and stir.

Next add glitter/glitters of your choice and stir!

Fill the regoovinator (syringe) with goo and pump into the Goo Drop Doll! (This bit we had a bit of trouble with the mixture being thick so it wasn’t sucked into the syringe easily- we found it easier to take the plunger out and spoon it in. Alternatively you could add extra water to make it thinner) then pump into the Goo Dolls mouth.

Once the doll is filled you can either plug the doll in with its candy comet or squeeze the doll and let it spit all the Goo!! Erin decided she wanted to do both so we filled it, spat it! Filled it again and then popped in the candy comet until next time.

Overall I really love the doll as does Erin, the best things about it are that you can change the goo in this doll as there are two slimes and different glitters, it’s great that it’s so easy Erin could do it herself which is a bonus as she’s 7 and when I’m dealing with her sister it doesn’t take loads of input from me which means she doesn’t have to sit and wait!

Everything is simple to clean and doesn’t get sticky everywhere and the doll can be played with as well as being interactive with the slime which makes it really good for multi purpose use. The Goo Doll also comes with a passport that you are able to fill out too which includes a story Erin was really engaged by this and it made it so much more than a doll and this was also another set of instructions.

Overall the Goo Goo Galaxy is really engaging and is great for play longevity, you can make the slime more than once and play with the cute doll too!

The Goo Goo Galaxy is £29.99 and is available at Smyths Toystore and other high street retailers. You can also visit Character Options for your chance to win your own!