Red Pepper Hearts for the little ones to love!

Our favourite Snack brand Organix have sent us yet more wonderful treats that were a fantastic accent to my little one’s romantic meal with her ‘boyfriend’ as they are shaped as little hearts!

Organix Finger foods- Red Pepper hearts are made from corn before being covered in red pepper and carrot.
The Red pepper hearts are for Stage two of the weaning process ‘Learning to feed myself’ they are perfect for little fingers and are easy to hold and not too large or small for tiny hands.

Organix don’t use anything in their products that aren’t organic and they are fantastic at making babies enjoy healthy snacks that don’t contain ingredients that are bad for little ones or unhealthy and these hearts are baked to lock in the goodness for an extra delicious taste.

When Maisie tried these she loved them her little fingers were able to hold them and she was able to suck them as she only has two teeth and they disintegrated nicely into her mouth and didn’t have sharp edges for me to worry about her choking! (one of my fears with baby led weaning!)

The crisps are a little messy but what food isn’t with every little one! but they were all eaten perfectly and even asked for more!! they were definitely a big hit in our household and are so cute with their heart design!