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Wilkinson Sword Intuition Razor Review for Silky Smooth Legs!

I am a self confessed ‘Only shave when I have to’ because messing around in the shower with shaving foam or soap, getting the razor changing the blade whilst wondering why the Threenager is so quiet and not pestering me is not so fun!!!
Wilkinson Sword for women appear to have my life a lot easier and my partners lift less prickly in bed!!!
When I received the Wilkinson Sword Intuition Razor in the post- I was dubious… I thought another gimmick that was a normal razor that I would put to the side and forget about over time- Oh how wrong was I!!! so impressed I made a Vlog about it here-

when I unpackaged the razor I liked that there was a money back guarantee and £2 off additional blades- at least they are looking after their customers after sales are made!
The best parts of the razor before use is that the Soap is inbuilt…. Yes mummies… no more pain when you quickly rush through shaving and knick your ankle as you haven’t found the soap or shaving foam!!!
The handle is made out of rubber so is not easily dropped in the shower and the blades move easily which helps to get the closest shave possible.
It has a little suctioned attachment to hold your razor in the shower so when it gets wet it doesn’t use all of the soap on the blade 🙂 

I tested the razor that evening in the shower and it was so simple to use- wet the razor, shave your legs, rinse! easy!! I didn’t look like I had a shower with Edward Scissorhands and it took literally seconds to shave both legs!!!  Yay!!!!

The razor can be found in most high street beauty stores, online and in supermarkets and costs £6.49 which includes one blade. The blades themselves are £7.75 for 3 so not overly pricey in comparison to other razors.  I would definitely buy the razor again as the way it moves and the depth of shave it gives with little effort is fantastic and I also got compliments from the other half!! win win! Enjoy girls! x