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A Memento and Memory of your little ones

  Giving birth and having a newborn is one of those things that you want to cherish forever but it definitely goes all too quickly-  you want to lock in the memory of their tiny hands and feet and when it whizzes past to quickly it’s hard to hold on to. Luckily for all of …

Fertility Files

PCOS: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome- the hardest Post I have ever wrote.

So guys… Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.. Some people know nothing others know a lot… The ones that know a lot.. Tend to be the ones with this vile syndrome. Some words that spring to mind… Infertile, alone, exhausted, odd one out.. Well girls… We’re not the odd ones out and were not alone, there are millions …


Why isn’t there a manual for School Applications?!

When you become a parent nothing prepares you for all the eventualities.. Especially things like potty training and behaviour. These were two items that I wished there was a manual for!!! I thought at the age of four we had got through the major milestones that were there to stress me out and ultimately scare …


The Future of Baby Wipes!

  What piece of advice can I give people with little ones? Well my biggest piece of advice is Always carry baby wipes… I think I will carry them for the rest of my life!!! For example we are in the car on Sunday and I turn around and Erin has dropped an entire pot …


Beautiful Skin in a few Simple Steps

Arbonne Cosmetics
My partner and I both have sensitive skins so when it comes to trying new things on our faces but we thought we would give Arbonne Cosmetic range a try when we were offered. The range has a set of products all used in conjunction with each other to perfect the look of the skin.
The products are;
  • Smoothing Facial Cleanser
  • Regenerating Toner
  • Intensive Renewal Serum
  • Corrective Eye Cream
  • Restorative Day Cream
  • Extra Moisture Resorative Day Cream
  • Night Repair Cream


I found that the process of putting them all on is fairly long but I have gone from no skincare routine to a full one and you could miss some products out if you wanted to.  The products themselves worked excellently and were really good for sensitive skins. The feel of my skin afterwards was amazing and everything worked exactly as it should. You can get your products from Ruth Cochrane on her or by emailing her on

We would go back in a HartBeep!

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to be invited to the Opening Class of HartBeeps- a new original musical baby, toddler and pre-school class. It is a sensory class with unique sensory experiences including costumes, lighting, props, puppets, and sparkly parachutes all set to a soundtrack of over 100 original songs, nursery rhymes and lullabies- …


Jones… so common we now have games named after us!

Now my Surname is a popular one many a time I get people asking if Erin & I are Welsh… no were not but Jones is one of those surnames that so many people have that they have even started making games with our surname on! I have been sent Jones Happy families cards to …


The Cutest Hats around with My little Duckling!

When I had a girl I loved the range of things on the market for her clothes wise but everything was all so pink and ‘normal’ I love something a bit unique and an item that not many people have, so when   My Little Duckling had a new selection of hats from their gorgeous …


All Things Crafty when the rain pours!

When the sky is full of rain and its your day off…. and the whinging is already coming loud and clear from the fidgety four year old next to me… unsure what to do and trying to think of things that would keep her occupied enough and isn’t just a five minute wonder. Mummies there …


Dropped Dummy… Not a Problem with Milton!

The great debate about kids and germs has always been one I am on the fence with- the older generation tell you that sterilising it ridiculous and that you shouldn’t bother and health visitors tell you to do it up until 12 months- god knows who’s right! When I think about it I am happy …