Hatchimals CollEGGtibles and Tiana from Toys & Me! 

It’s bank holiday Monday… I looked outside and the rain is lashing down- As always!!! Thankfully Erin and I had other plans! Today we headed to The Entertainer in Birmingham to meet Tiana from Toys and Me! (If you are not a YouTube fan/child Tiana is a child YouTube sensation and has a hugely popular channel showing our little ones the best toys in the market and exactly what they do.) Erin is an avid viewer and was excited to see her.

We stood in The Entertainer at the back of the queue as mummy was naughty and was late as per usual!!! Note to self- queuing with a 4 year old in a rammed toy store is stressful!!!!! She kept wandering off to look at Toys and trying to keep her in eyeline was like having 1000 eyes dotted all over my head.

Tiana has  been showcasing Hatchimals since their release last year and today was no different. The new Hatchimals CollEGGtibles have been released in conjunction with the meet and great. When Hatchimals came out last year Erin didn’t understand the concept. She definitely does now and is so excited by the CollEGGtibles. The great thing about these is for £3 you can have the joy of opening them and keeping the collectable characters inside. I buy kinder eggs a lot so for an extra £2 I can have a much better version.

The pack has one egg and the concept behind the egg is to rub the purple love heart until it turns pink. Once pink you can crack open your egg until it’s completely out. You can then refer to the crib sheet to see which collEGGtible you have! You can get standard, rare, extra rare and limited edition!

Erin was so excited to open hers she hadn’t even got out of the car!! It was simple to break the egg and she managed it at the age of 4. If you keep peeling the egg to the bottom it also forms a nest which is a bonus.

We got a panda from the Jungle collection! These are rare! We were very excited and Erin loved the concept and was so happy to have something to keep and collect. I think it will soon become a huge playground swapping game where the girls all exchange their CollEGGtibles! I have even brought a few more this afternoon she loves them that much!

What do you think of the Hatchimal CollEGGtibles?