What is BPA free? And Koo-di help us combat BPA products with their newSilicone feeding set!

After  reading several posts from other mummy bloggers regarding the safety of little ones feeding equipment it made me think was all of this ‘worry’ around when Erin was a baby!? Even though it was only 4 years ago?! Well it appears that it was and it’s a bigger issue than I ever realised- but not well advertised or thought about other than in a few articles and blogs. 

BPA free… a term you see banded around but no one actually knows a great deal about what this means for baby unless you put in the research.  BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s such as water supply lines, food storage and drinks bottles.  To reduce the use of BPA you cannot use as many canned goods as they are lined with a BPA containing resin.  Avoid Heat! This is one of the big ones! Microwaving and using a dishwasher breaks down the plastics and allows the BPA to leak into foods!!! Ekkkkk!!!! 

Now I have scared you all to death- the best thing to do is buy items that are BPA free and I have been lucky enough to try the new Koo-di Silicone Feed me range which included a bowl and spoon made from pure silicone in a Lime colour with an orange spoon. The set retails at £8.99 with free delivery off the Koo-di Website-


The bowl is not only BPA free, PVC free, Lead free and Phthalate free!

This purer than pure feeding range is food grade silicone and is microwave and dishwasher safe. 

The set is recommended from 4 months plus which is perfect to start weaning as the spoon has a soft bite and is gentle on teething gums so we put this to the test! 


Maisie currently has 3 teeth and has been weaning now for a few months she loves her food and is mainly baby led, but her porridge and fruit purees are great for this feeding set.  She loved the bright colours and feel of the spoon as I let her have a play prior to dinner.  I love the fact the bowl has a suction base which ensures she is not able to throw her porridge across the floor!!  The spoon is a great shape and fits nicely into little mouths without the entire thing sliding off the spoon on the way- a pet hate of mine! The set is a great addition to any kitchen with a little one and not only does the job its set out to do but also puts your mind at rest over your baby’s health and wellbeing! Considering this is our first Koo-di product we would definitely go back again to browse their other products! Thanks Koo-di x