Hearts and flowers… kids want food! We have the solution! 

Now when little ones think about Valentine’s Day they think hearts.. they don’t care about the romantic meaning behind Valentine’s Day.

I find Valentine’s Day a bit… mushy. I don’t celebrate it I get a card but that’s about it. This year we wanted to make it a little more fun and light hearted (see what I did there?!)

We have been lucky enough to try the Organix red pepper hearts. These fabulous tasting little puff Like treats are fabulous for making Valentine’s Day dinners that little more interesting.  They are aimed at 7 months old and all Organic.

When we gave these to Maisie she instantly started chomping on them! We looked at the shape and she was so pleased the food wasn’t boring like normal crisps. Not only was it fun but it was able to show her the shape and teach her about it.

Erin also LOVED these! She was stealing them left right and centre and was in love with the shape! Who wouldn’t want heart shaped food! ❤️

It’s fab for a little of bit of the festivities of St Valentine’s Day!