OCD about cleanliness and Germs? #WIN the Solution with Milton

As a mum the number of times that we end up cleaning with baby wipes is ridiculous. But when you think about it, they are not overly hygienic.

I am a very tidy person- Yes I am a Virgo (I have that cupboard that falls out on you). Cleaning the house takes me hours because as a child my mum showed me how to ‘properly clean’.  Keeping the house tidy with kids is like chasing your own tail. Erin always decides to get her sticky fingers on stuff.  Until now I have been cleaning these with baby wipes in a rush.

Milton has thankfully come to the rescue. They are now producing a pack of wipes that not only get things off surfaces but are also antibacterial. What more could I need? I was excited to use them and see if they worked. Well, let me tell they are fab. In our house, we have a lot of granite or shiny surfaces.  Milton wipes don’t smear at all. They are a perfect size to chuck in a bag and use out and about. They are even great in the car.

Now Erin uses the toilet I spend forever telling her she needs to wash her hands. When we are out and about this isn’t always possible. Especially when she has to use the emergency potty in the back of the car!! Again Milton has got us covered. We have been using the Milton antibacterial hand gel for times when we need a set of clean hands but it’s not possible. With the blue colour, it appeals to Erin. She can’t wait to use it on her hands and it dries super quick. We love it.

Lastly, we have been able to try the antibacterial spray. This is fab for when I need to do a deep clean or a quick spritz after dinner. The spray is really versatile and doesn’t smear either. I really like it and it doesn’t have a horrendous smell to it.


To buy your own head to Milton or If you want to win your own bundle of Milton products click below


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