Clear skin… a new me!

Spots are not an issue for me. Rarely I get one or two and it lasts a day and then disappears. My issue is black heads and white heads. I have several black heads on my nose and chin. I spend forever mutilating my face to try and get rid of them. This is turn leaves me with vile scratch marks and red dots all over my face. Not a good luck I assure you.

For a long time, I have decided I needed to do something other than what I was- don’t judge that I took my make up off with a baby wipe and washed it in water and soap!!!

I was lucky enough to be sent the SENSSE Silicone Facial Cleanser and SENSSE Deep Pore Suction Cleaner and Blackhead Remover. These items enabled me to start my new regime with a kick.

Firstly, I brought some new cleanser, toner and moisturiser. If I was going to do it, I needed to do it properly!! I opened the amazing boxes that the items came in. I didn’t want to because the boxes were so gorgeous. They would make a lovely gift for someone at Christmas. Both of the items were a beautiful rose gold colour and I knew they would look lovely in the bathroom.

The items both have chargers that are able to be plugged in so there is no fiddly batteries to sort. The set-up is simple- just charge and away you go.

The first item I used was the facial brush. I squirted my cleanser onto the brush and clicked it on. My face was already wet and I used it in circular motions. There are several modes of intensity which enable you have deeper clean. The brush works well into your skin and doesn’t hurt. The aim of the cleanser is to make your skin more radiant and looking younger. I have definitely seen a difference to my skin.

Another great thing about this product is that the head isn’t bristles so can be cleaned and doesn’t have to be changed. This is a bonus for me as I don’t like faffy items. This also for a limited time comes with a stunning Pink glittery pouch to carry it in.

Next I went on to use the SENSSE Deep Pore Suction Cleaner and Blackhead Remover. This was an interesting concept. The machine basically sucks your face! You pop water in as a mist (I wasn’t overly keen on this bit as it kept hitting me in the eye!!) and slowly move the machine across problem areas of your face.

At first I didn’t think it was working until I looked into the clear tube! URGHHH!! It had definitely worked and had my skin feeling smoother. The pore cleanser is tailored to your unique skincare needs. It Comes with three different nozzle attachments and three intensity levels for different areas of your skin. There are even different intensity levels of suction which is great. It removes clogged pores, dead skin cells and excess oil.

My skin has been 1000 times better since I have added these two pretty nifty machines into my routine. I am really pleased and will be using them for a long to come. Both even come with a 60 day money back guarantee once registered.